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Hey, we're the Lunch Club now and stuff =)
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Lunch Club
Lunch Club Aasta tagasi
Treekono 8 päeva tagasi
wilburs whore
wilburs whore 8 päeva tagasi
mandi 15 päeva tagasi
screamo_babies 16 päeva tagasi
DS4V17-LAU Cheuk Lap Edgar [s]
DS4V17-LAU Cheuk Lap Edgar [s] Місяць tagasi
=) _p.s i might be the 500th reply_
Emily Elliott
Emily Elliott 5 minutit tagasi
mega sayaka
mega sayaka 5 tundi tagasi
i shouldn’t be here but i’m watching them again :(
Madi 7 tundi tagasi
right people wrong time.
sophie hill
sophie hill 8 tundi tagasi
alexisntcool 12 tundi tagasi
i am in so much pain
BubblyLilyyx 18 tundi tagasi
i miss it
Kuripop 9907
Kuripop 9907 23 tundi tagasi
It all started when the covid nation attacked
FeraligatrMaster1 Päev tagasi
They shouldve just continued on without carson... i foubd out about this a few days ago and im already sadhe
hydroelectricLyre Päev tagasi
from the looks of it, they had an arcade video planned out and everything. wish we could go back
Abby Päev tagasi
This just feels wrong now...
Abby Päev tagasi
This just feels wrong now...
kuromi Päev tagasi
thankyou for being here.
Soup 2 päeva tagasi
It’s been a year. God do I miss the good times
ike 2 päeva tagasi
Disappointment and Sadness encapsuled in a video that wasn't meant to represent that.. ouchies
Lemon boi
Lemon boi 2 päeva tagasi
B 2 päeva tagasi
I’m so mad this ended so I’m coming back to re watch lmao
Boat time
Boat time 2 päeva tagasi
The chuckle sandwich podcast is the only thing that keeps me from not having a goddamn breakdown about the LC breakup
Barra Noble
Barra Noble 2 päeva tagasi
After it all we should all =) on
Rainbow Puppy
Rainbow Puppy 2 päeva tagasi
Ella Corp
Ella Corp 2 päeva tagasi
why did this have to be in my recommended i didn’t want to cry today
Robyn Wayne
Robyn Wayne 2 päeva tagasi
Mr Wunch
Mr Wunch 2 päeva tagasi
avah 3 päeva tagasi
i miss it
Sophia Armstrong
Sophia Armstrong 3 päeva tagasi
Still can’t believe it’s been a year I miss everyone.
kenzie 3 päeva tagasi
Grace 3 päeva tagasi
Jesus christ this is sad. I just found my comment from 9 months ago that said "maybe one day I'll find a friendgroup like this". I mean obviously life still sucks now but this just reminded me of how fucking lonely I was and how attached I was to this group of people. I clung to the reassurance that no matter how much life sucked, at the end of the day the 7 bois would be there to cheer me up. that's gone now. everything came out like 2 months ago but watching this video and seeing that old comment fucked me up. I know that they're all doing their own thing now but it's just never gonna be the same.
rat trash
rat trash 3 päeva tagasi
this is painful ngl
Adrina Canales
Adrina Canales 3 päeva tagasi
It could've been something great....
maamla 3 päeva tagasi
glointhedark 3 päeva tagasi
Charli Mae
Charli Mae 3 päeva tagasi
time to sob
Bad Boy Halo Supremacy
Bad Boy Halo Supremacy 3 päeva tagasi
Scarlett Lucchese
Scarlett Lucchese 3 päeva tagasi
*Exists in Gucci*
*Exists in Gucci* 4 päeva tagasi
I miss them so much
dxm 4 päeva tagasi
this has been the worst month of my life.
luna 4 päeva tagasi
why is this in my recommended..EEpost STOP BEING SO DAMN EVIL!!!!!
lxvs 666
lxvs 666 4 päeva tagasi
god this is so sad now
emily 4 päeva tagasi
i’m sad i’m sad i’m sad
Goat 4 päeva tagasi
God this is sad now :(
Peepee Poopoo
Peepee Poopoo 4 päeva tagasi
Wasted potential...
Expresso Depresso
Expresso Depresso 5 päeva tagasi
We need more videos
Munksterrr \o
Munksterrr \o 5 päeva tagasi
I wish they could've continued the group without carson or something, this had so much potential, and it was ruined by his mistake. This hurts to watch now.
M4qan 5 päeva tagasi
engineer gaming
engineer gaming 5 päeva tagasi
I miss this dumb but funny content
cloud 5 päeva tagasi
rachael dermott
rachael dermott 5 päeva tagasi
nicole :]
nicole :] 5 päeva tagasi
Cole Thomas
Cole Thomas 5 päeva tagasi
The end of an era before it even began. We got the bad ending boys.
Skinneh man
Skinneh man 6 päeva tagasi
This was one of the best groups on EEpost, now it’s all ruined
Clare Preisser
Clare Preisser 6 päeva tagasi
highkey crying
your mom
your mom 6 päeva tagasi
What happened was so fucked and I could like cry watching this they didn't even make it a year and now this is like the slide show you watch after you like graduate high school and it has every good fucking memory from school in it.
catboy august
catboy august 6 päeva tagasi
This is like watching ur parents wedding video after they divorced
pigsuperhero entertainment
pigsuperhero entertainment 6 päeva tagasi
cokeaddict 420
cokeaddict 420 6 päeva tagasi
savannah 6 päeva tagasi
so much potential. :/
Emily H
Emily H 6 päeva tagasi
Irrelevant 6 päeva tagasi
why am i watching this? why do i do this to myself?
PKFire 7 päeva tagasi
I watched this the first time, and I realised that if lunch club ended, it would feel different. It does.
gogyxx 7 päeva tagasi
ever wanna make me cry? show me this.
gogyxx 7 päeva tagasi
My heart hurts 💔
Honkingheba 7 päeva tagasi
This is my favourite group and now it’s gone :(
Constance Strafford
Constance Strafford 7 päeva tagasi
this is so sad I miss u guys damn
Haven Free
Haven Free 7 päeva tagasi
i’m gonna go cry now thanks🤝
bugsinmypocket 7 päeva tagasi
fucking crying
blair 8 päeva tagasi
currently crying
Madi Sheila
Madi Sheila 8 päeva tagasi
Someone plz tell me why this just brought tears to my eyes ...😔
Madi Sheila
Madi Sheila 8 päeva tagasi
Someone plz tell me why tf this just brought tears to my eyes... 😔
Lilly barry
Lilly barry 8 päeva tagasi
all i feel is pain
purringenbies 8 päeva tagasi
i miss this.
Ava 8 päeva tagasi
Hopefully they will start making videos again but without carson :/
_angelxnovaxx _
_angelxnovaxx _ 8 päeva tagasi
bro, listening to 'House Of Memories' or 'As The World Caves In' while this plays makes me so sadd-
_angelxnovaxx _
_angelxnovaxx _ 8 päeva tagasi
nvm, piano version of the Scooby Doo Intro is worse
Butter 9 päeva tagasi
The End Credits.
Officalcornbread 9 päeva tagasi
I refuse
The Uniquä
The Uniquä 9 päeva tagasi
FrankFr0nk _
FrankFr0nk _ 9 päeva tagasi
I wish I had their friendship (I wish I had friends)
wannabe emo
wannabe emo 10 päeva tagasi
im so sad...
Alex 10 päeva tagasi
I don't know if anyone else does this, but whenever I go back and watch a lunch club video, that sad UP song starts playing in my head. Well f
goldberg 10 päeva tagasi
i am sad
Local sal kinnie
Local sal kinnie 10 päeva tagasi
Happy one year.
Mashy 11 päeva tagasi
Are you guys still gonna release the rest of ur guys pre-recorded video
A really small burger
A really small burger 10 päeva tagasi
Saddly not
uhh keb
uhh keb 11 päeva tagasi
this is awkward
brot 12 päeva tagasi
you dont know hard hard this made me cry man, im in literal shambles
Lucena Elaiza Celyn Nicole F.
Lucena Elaiza Celyn Nicole F. 12 päeva tagasi
This is like watching the wedding ceremony after a divorce);
:P 13 päeva tagasi
[Tommy Aguirre]
[Tommy Aguirre] 14 päeva tagasi
the potential this group had man, im so sad about how things went.
Its JustAGame
Its JustAGame 14 päeva tagasi
i miss this ):
helloells 14 päeva tagasi
MainCaboose 14 päeva tagasi
emily maisie
emily maisie 15 päeva tagasi
wait so they filmed everything before this? so lunch club was literally just in 2019
Ava Mahinfalah
Ava Mahinfalah 15 päeva tagasi
Lunar 16 päeva tagasi
Say goodbye to Lunch Club
Wimblur Snoop
Wimblur Snoop 16 päeva tagasi
maja Maja
maja Maja 16 päeva tagasi
Myisha Mcmiller
Myisha Mcmiller 10 päeva tagasi
Henry Sheffield
Henry Sheffield 16 päeva tagasi
Starix 16 päeva tagasi
dammit man...
Yeah 16 päeva tagasi
It’s sad that we won’t see some of these videos shown anymore
Cool Dj Gaming
Cool Dj Gaming 16 päeva tagasi
Anyone here after Chuckle Sandwich?
lianna banana
lianna banana 17 päeva tagasi
i really want one last video on this channel and for it to be titled “goodbye lunch club” with all of the memories we had
Ronan Currams
Ronan Currams 18 päeva tagasi
lack line
lack line 19 päeva tagasi
fuck you youtube recommendations
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