We tried to rob youtubers...

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Lunch Club

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We needed money
★ Thank you to the youtubers featured in this video! -
Gus Johnson - tinyurl.com/kurfrnh
Eddy Burback - tinyurl.com/vsbcmfn
NakeyJakey - tinyurl.com/yxlb3ubd
Sven Johnson - tinyurl.com/t5uznen
Abelina Sabrina - tinyurl.com/st8ccsp
Macro - tinyurl.com/y6m8yfbz
CaptainSparklez - tinyurl.com/bthk9av
Smosh - tinyurl.com/bqhcxfz
OfflineTV (Pokimane, Michael Reeves, Scarra, Fedmyster) - tinyurl.com/tr65ab8
The Mob (Avalanche, Froste, Classify, Mako) - tinyurl.com/vfbaw38
And to Condi for editing this video! - tinyurl.com/qvpyufe
EEpost: tinyurl.com/qrx9hrc
Spotify: tinyurl.com/yx24yvat
iTunes: tinyurl.com/v2xudjf
Twitter: LunchClub
Instagram: LunchClubTV
Traves: eepost.info
Slimecicle: eepost.info
CallMeCarson: eepost.info
Hugbox: eepost.info
cscoop: eepost.info
Ted Nivison: eepost.info
jschlatt: eepost.info

Rodrigo Leon Gonzalez
Rodrigo Leon Gonzalez 51 minut tagasi
13:24 it was at this moment that he knew... *He fucked up*
Shrimp Tund tagasi
Give some of Macro’s toilet paper to Carson.
Jamie Cassell
Jamie Cassell 3 tundi tagasi
Payday 3 leaked gameplay
IPostComments 5 tundi tagasi
This video was just an excuse to steal Captain Sparkle's McLaren.
christian palses
christian palses 9 tundi tagasi
Sebastian Casarrubias Santiago
Sebastian Casarrubias Santiago 10 tundi tagasi
Captain Sparklez's Mansion 😮
Gaming Masster
Gaming Masster 11 tundi tagasi
3:50 now days that toilet paper worth millions partner
Mommy Plunger
Mommy Plunger 12 tundi tagasi
They shoulda took the toilet paper
some guy
some guy 13 tundi tagasi
They should have just taken the toilet paper and left it would be worth a lot now
Nils Pils
Nils Pils 16 tundi tagasi
If only they knew that each of those tp packs would cost 2k now
BraveOil 20 tundi tagasi
6:37 hold on, Fidget Spinner Simulator?
Fia The First
Fia The First Päev tagasi
alief zidane
alief zidane Päev tagasi
If you're robbing Michael Reeves, it's a death sentence Why? Here's why Tasers, violent "surgery" table, drones, spikes, straws, and most importantly, bb guns
Scrap s
Scrap s Päev tagasi
Wtf did they steal 30mil or 30thousend?
spacebooms 2 päeva tagasi
Karson White
Karson White 2 päeva tagasi
Me: post one video to be a EEpostr Also me: waiting to be robed.
John-Dell Camantigue
John-Dell Camantigue 2 päeva tagasi
What a nice robbers, taking there shoes off before entering the house. Thanks robbers for the respect they deserve.
LugNub 2 päeva tagasi
carson is like an older brother to slime
Anonymouse 67
Anonymouse 67 2 päeva tagasi
Casual robbery is casual
Aiden Thornburg
Aiden Thornburg 2 päeva tagasi
Bro fuckin razermind
Future Mendoza
Future Mendoza 2 päeva tagasi
I love shlatt
Rowdy McReynolds
Rowdy McReynolds 2 päeva tagasi
Sweet portal gun
Raconbacon 564
Raconbacon 564 2 päeva tagasi
The best bit about the micheal reeves scene was that he just pulled another taser out of his pocket like he just carries them around which honestly would not surprise me
Emmet Sweeney
Emmet Sweeney 3 päeva tagasi
Everyone's saying like "oH iTs So ScRiPtEd", like no shit who TF cares!
imthem4n 3 päeva tagasi
What the hell was the intro?
egg under bed
egg under bed 3 päeva tagasi
i honestly could not tell is this was real or not XD
Monassier 3 päeva tagasi
Brown, i want another this is fun
BruhSauce The Third
BruhSauce The Third 3 päeva tagasi
Am I the only one who hears, and sees all of the Payday2 references?
boop 4 päeva tagasi
little did ted and charlie know that toilet paper would become very valuable today
B R U H Gnome_with_no_Ghome
B R U H Gnome_with_no_Ghome 5 päeva tagasi
Carson’s got the opposite of butterfingers.....buttertoes And they cost him Poki’s diary
Joey Johnston
Joey Johnston 5 päeva tagasi
Traves is my fav robber ever I now look up to robbers thanks
The Weeb
The Weeb 5 päeva tagasi
ted shouldve token the paper
Average Terrorist
Average Terrorist 5 päeva tagasi
*you're not giving us enough gumption*
AnimationIvan 5 päeva tagasi
Michael was like that boss what has like a million phases.
rwzfs 5 päeva tagasi
Choice music for sure
Ben On Rec Room
Ben On Rec Room 6 päeva tagasi
If only they knew the value that Macro’s toilet paper would have in the next few months
Michael Roy
Michael Roy 6 päeva tagasi
2:06 "It's the Sabbath"
NotRamen 6 päeva tagasi
the fucking persona 5 music is perfect
BHB Blxke
BHB Blxke 6 päeva tagasi
Vladimir Kapustin
Vladimir Kapustin 6 päeva tagasi
Stealthy Crow
Stealthy Crow 6 päeva tagasi
the real question is... did they really rob that stuff?
NormallyBot 6 päeva tagasi
Uhh your license plate shows
Olivia Brooke
Olivia Brooke 6 päeva tagasi
“Well......I hope you have some for yours” 😂
Cernan Sabturani
Cernan Sabturani 7 päeva tagasi
Carson falls on escape STEALTH -100
Slansh Seir
Slansh Seir 7 päeva tagasi
All that tp is expensive know
TheGhost OfChill
TheGhost OfChill 7 päeva tagasi
Jacob Young
Jacob Young 7 päeva tagasi
Little did they know how valuable the toilet paper would become
Mr. Pwingles
Mr. Pwingles 7 päeva tagasi
If they would’ve kept the toilet paper
Oddly Satisfying Sand
Oddly Satisfying Sand 7 päeva tagasi
"pour me a drink first, damn"
Tres Guanco
Tres Guanco 8 päeva tagasi
Why Michael reeves I'm a fan of him
The Real Rinkashime
The Real Rinkashime 8 päeva tagasi
"So this is a robbery robbery"
Tidus Renfrow
Tidus Renfrow 8 päeva tagasi
Secretly pewds was robbed by carson
Heavy34 8 päeva tagasi
Yo Captain Sparklez is fucking STACKED
skubh FN
skubh FN 8 päeva tagasi
omg im so happy the song choice was sly cooper
Stacey Farrell
Stacey Farrell 8 päeva tagasi
Polish chat was screaming
the letter 56
the letter 56 8 päeva tagasi
2.7 million people are watching this on the toilet
Vox Populi☭
Vox Populi☭ 8 päeva tagasi
Only 1/3 of Schlatt’s total debt
MasterEth 9 päeva tagasi
I still love that they used sly music
Harmonee Wang
Harmonee Wang 9 päeva tagasi
This is why it's hard to beat Schlatt in a presidential battle.
Wolfy 9 päeva tagasi
Fuking Charlie just waddles out the door. This is why we need more slimecicle.
Bigjoe15ROCKS 9 päeva tagasi
The way Ted manhandled Damian.
cerulean 9 päeva tagasi
i love watching carson call jordan a dumbass every single time
Nxz_rg 9 päeva tagasi
Is that sly ? Only OGs now what that is
Abi ThePerson
Abi ThePerson 9 päeva tagasi
the way carson fell followed by charlie at 9:07 made me fucking wheeze
LiL Ghost Plays
LiL Ghost Plays 9 päeva tagasi
Robberies in the year 2060 be like:
yeet_yeet 42
yeet_yeet 42 9 päeva tagasi
bruh the song at 8:28 is from a game i used to play but i cant remember what
Captain Douglas Macarther
Captain Douglas Macarther 8 päeva tagasi
Isn’t it deltarune, the king dog fight?
Vena TV
Vena TV 9 päeva tagasi
I feel like Carson and the Shaltt are the Captains Of The Team
Connorshark 9 päeva tagasi
9:38 The cat just stares...
Chef_Doge 10 päeva tagasi
they should have taken the toilet paper...
ARC Dr.Wiggle
ARC Dr.Wiggle 10 päeva tagasi
I love how they passively rob captain sparkles
Dan Games
Dan Games 10 päeva tagasi
I saw pokimane's stream carson stealled poki's book
princekyle sta ana
princekyle sta ana 10 päeva tagasi
why you rob poki's 1 mil sub button
Hunting for idiots on comment sections Is pog
Hunting for idiots on comment sections Is pog 10 päeva tagasi
Love how micheal has a back up tazer
Camo Crusade
Camo Crusade 10 päeva tagasi
You didn’t rob me
EPP IC 10 päeva tagasi
They got the meatballs guys
ChumpShotgun 10 päeva tagasi
My favorite part is when cap says I can do both
Zyldaddy Man
Zyldaddy Man 10 päeva tagasi
Carson you gotta do it good like me As you see, my pfp is a representation if my thief skills Dont rush it, act really dumb like youre super slow
thereel cagneycarnation69 2
thereel cagneycarnation69 2 10 päeva tagasi
14:37 hey look a hat in time music
waffle 10 päeva tagasi
everyone when they were being robbed “whats going on stop” captain sparklez “yeah sure just take off your shoes”
feeneydactyl 10 päeva tagasi
What’s the song at 10:10?
Top_Hat 1.I
Top_Hat 1.I 10 päeva tagasi
“this is a robbery.... *alright, have a- take care* !”
_Elus1ve_ MC
_Elus1ve_ MC 10 päeva tagasi
payday 2 irl
Ptoughneigh 10 päeva tagasi
oh the flashabacks of sly 2
AntonKG06 10 päeva tagasi
The sly cooper music is awesome
TheGhostReckon 10 päeva tagasi
Did they actually steal 30,000,000 dollars worth of stuff? I know they didnt give back anything, but all of that equaled 30 million?
Hello There
Hello There 11 päeva tagasi
I love how Jordan is cool with the robbery as long as they take of their shoes
Santa Ung
Santa Ung 11 päeva tagasi
burh he just show me how steal channel thx bro lol 6:34 / 19:32
Emerson Chenalloy
Emerson Chenalloy 11 päeva tagasi
Carson appearing at poki’s door Is probably the most terrifying thing I’ve seen all day
Mr doodle bot
Mr doodle bot 11 päeva tagasi
fucking legends
Shiroi Ku
Shiroi Ku 12 päeva tagasi
Emphasis on "tried"
Bread Man
Bread Man 12 päeva tagasi
Rick astley donated
Geon 12 päeva tagasi
Lunch Club: "Michael Reeves we've come to taze you" Michael: "Uno reverse card"
Banditino e
Banditino e 12 päeva tagasi
If only they knew the value of toliet paper a few months ago
bingobango 12 päeva tagasi
ted clambering down off the roof is the funniest thing
Diego Garcia
Diego Garcia 12 päeva tagasi
4:16 Ted enters the void
Michael keaton
Michael keaton 13 päeva tagasi
I love how lunch club's video are just chaos
TopHatPenguin Gaming
TopHatPenguin Gaming 13 päeva tagasi
You know it’s gonna be good when razormind kicks in
The Cooler Reaper
The Cooler Reaper 11 päeva tagasi
Arkar Min Khant
Arkar Min Khant 13 päeva tagasi
wait isnt offline tv in sydney or sth?
The Cooler Reaper
The Cooler Reaper 11 päeva tagasi
I think that was brodin
Arkar Min Khant
Arkar Min Khant 11 päeva tagasi
Arkar Min Khant
Arkar Min Khant 11 päeva tagasi
But it was someone else so
Arkar Min Khant
Arkar Min Khant 11 päeva tagasi
The Cooler Reaper right it's click I thought I heard muselk say oh no
The Cooler Reaper
The Cooler Reaper 11 päeva tagasi
@Arkar Min Khant were you thinking of click?
Kathleen Murphy
Kathleen Murphy 13 päeva tagasi
josephtheguything 13 päeva tagasi
The toliet paper one hits different now
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