Lunch Club Goes Shopping

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Lunch Club

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The Lunch Club boys go shopping with the Misfits in October 2019
Thanks to Angie: positiveangie

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Instagram: LunchClubTV
Ted Nivison:

Ãřɨêἷ_ῬἲᾱῪs Tund tagasi
all of the birds died in 1987 due to Regan, killing them, and replacing them with spies... The birds work for the bourgeoisie. This is a joke. I am saying this because people might get offended.
Olivia Raymond
Olivia Raymond 10 tundi tagasi
i cant look at carson the same anymore
Grace Towner
Grace Towner 12 tundi tagasi
Its 🙂all🙂 his 🙂fault
salemcicle 12 tundi tagasi
if only we knew
ade 18 tundi tagasi
Everything is ruined because you want to date someone 2 years younger than you think about it
Piggy Soldier
Piggy Soldier 6 tundi tagasi
Don't bring it up again, it's all in the past now
Orville Katanas
Orville Katanas 13 tundi tagasi
shut up
eleen 21 tund tagasi
god i miss you guys.
MyGuyJi 23 tundi tagasi
It's been real, boys.
eda 23 tundi tagasi
schlatt snapping at carson is atually very satisfying
Kuripop 9907
Kuripop 9907 Päev tagasi
It all started when the covid nation attack
Skinny White Boy
Skinny White Boy Päev tagasi
The last day...
Lynerw Päev tagasi
Who said boys don't cry
bunnyhead Päev tagasi
Bionicle Occulus Studio
Bionicle Occulus Studio Päev tagasi
I hope Carson's ok
Mel Drake
Mel Drake Päev tagasi
i miss this so much :/
Leafy zid
Leafy zid Päev tagasi
this feels like being hit by a train going 1000mph
Amélie Päev tagasi
it got really awkward when Carson spoke. these are literally moments I wish I could delete my memory for a period of time
tori Päev tagasi
the whole channel feels awkward now...
Rockster King
Rockster King 2 päeva tagasi
Gentlemen, it has been a privilege playing with you...
seehhn 2 päeva tagasi
What the teacher really means when she says,"It only takes one of you to ruin it for everyone"
Gray Shadow
Gray Shadow 2 päeva tagasi
This was not 3 months ago
suAgog on yt
suAgog on yt 2 päeva tagasi
schlatt and carson are just big kids :0
Tomasz Kiełtyka
Tomasz Kiełtyka 2 päeva tagasi
I mean, Carson is a bit of a predator, so there's that
Confused soups
Confused soups 2 päeva tagasi
Oh boy I sure do love this Carson fellow and his funny friends, I hope nothing bad happens
Grim Creeper
Grim Creeper 2 päeva tagasi
So much real emotion much.
dxm 2 päeva tagasi
this is awful to go through the comments.
The Governer
The Governer 2 päeva tagasi
The bad ending
electric blowdryer
electric blowdryer 2 päeva tagasi
That carson guy seems super funny! I hope he doesn't do anything wrong!
Sadie Woof
Sadie Woof 3 päeva tagasi
it makes me sad that they didn’t break up bc of covid
Skrem 3 päeva tagasi
how this cloths fitting in prison
asja d.
asja d. 3 päeva tagasi
this did not age well...
Adrina Canales
Adrina Canales 3 päeva tagasi
My heart is broken
Autumn.1511 AE
Autumn.1511 AE 3 päeva tagasi
Nothing hurts about this video it’s just cool friends in Australia!!!
Bapps Päev tagasi
@Fallen Music Yeah like maybe not something extremely bad with a minor.
Fallen Music
Fallen Music 3 päeva tagasi
Yeah just some cool friends. I sure hope one of them doesnt do something bad!
Muffin Head
Muffin Head 3 päeva tagasi
aki 3 päeva tagasi
this hurts so much
Anna Ray
Anna Ray 3 päeva tagasi
OF: annarayy1
ittybittyrynnie 3 päeva tagasi
Farewell, my friends. It is a shame this happened to you. But someday, we shall see each other again. I am sure of it.
TrashCan't 3 päeva tagasi
This video full of murderer vibe
Nevaeh C
Nevaeh C 3 päeva tagasi
God I miss them :(
Lxmon_Creations ツ
Lxmon_Creations ツ 4 päeva tagasi
Ahah feeling great.. 👌
Odd Disconnect
Odd Disconnect 4 päeva tagasi
Oh man how much I miss this it’s all over all of it only if we new it was nice having it fuck life
Frogsinmybasement _
Frogsinmybasement _ 4 päeva tagasi
I’m in spain but the s is silent🥲☝️
Brooklyn Riffle
Brooklyn Riffle 4 päeva tagasi
I’m actually crying
thicchoneybee 3 päeva tagasi
me too dude
S3condBest 4 päeva tagasi
Tbh if shlatt shouted “can you fucking stop!?” I would cry
999_KRONOS_666 4 päeva tagasi
I love how Toby styled everyone she has good taste 😩✋
TechnoBlade Fan
TechnoBlade Fan 4 päeva tagasi
Ive literally just watched this anf i already know that im a huge fan
Tomasz Kiełtyka
Tomasz Kiełtyka 2 päeva tagasi
Bad news, buddy
Sinister_ Cat248
Sinister_ Cat248 3 päeva tagasi
I'm so sorry
Sy kkato
Sy kkato 4 päeva tagasi
All im saying is, im sorry
Lava Steal
Lava Steal 4 päeva tagasi
I have news for you
Tiana Laughland
Tiana Laughland 4 päeva tagasi
if only
Codlips tv
Codlips tv 4 päeva tagasi
7:44 Schlatt actually sounded angry there lmao
Mr. [REDACTED] 4 päeva tagasi
wow!!! Imagine if they took a trip to a school next!!!! /j
Special Squad
Special Squad 4 päeva tagasi
Callmecarson is innocent
Tomasz Kiełtyka
Tomasz Kiełtyka 2 päeva tagasi
Nothing like stans protecting predators.
Confused soups
Confused soups 2 päeva tagasi
Alex Fine
Alex Fine 2 päeva tagasi
@Special Squad I- o h
Special Squad
Special Squad 2 päeva tagasi
@Alex Fine it’s not a joke
Alex Fine
Alex Fine 2 päeva tagasi
i can’t tell if this is a joke /srs
goff weeb
goff weeb 4 päeva tagasi
I love how the whole room just goes quite when schlatt goes off at carson, And noahs face in the background
kiiyomi -san
kiiyomi -san 5 päeva tagasi
jschlatt looked even more pretty, but he's still attractive today :>
Aliyah Bah
Aliyah Bah 5 päeva tagasi
One of these people grew mutton chops one of these people is now a girl and one of these people texted underaged girls on discord. Can you tell me who?
Tomasz Kiełtyka
Tomasz Kiełtyka Päev tagasi
@Aliyah Bah Oh dang, that's cool!
Aliyah Bah
Aliyah Bah 2 päeva tagasi
@Tomasz Kiełtyka yea Toby on the tele she’s trans :)
Tomasz Kiełtyka
Tomasz Kiełtyka 2 päeva tagasi
Wait, wot. One of them is a girl?
trvst bianca
trvst bianca 5 päeva tagasi
CreepyCrawler32 5 päeva tagasi
no one: Not one person on earth: Jschatt: "im watching the assasinaton of JKF
Lucie Lol
Lucie Lol 5 päeva tagasi
Fuckin Carson
SONYA MATTHEWS 5 päeva tagasi
6:20 Jesus,mans be freaking tall
Nick Becker
Nick Becker 5 päeva tagasi
That Carson dude sure is funny, I hope that nothing bad happens
Lauren ahaha
Lauren ahaha 5 päeva tagasi
cat 6 päeva tagasi
Alec 6 päeva tagasi
This was the day they broke up. Gone, but not forgotten.
skittles pidgeon
skittles pidgeon 6 päeva tagasi
Truly disgusting, that some “people” would do this sort of thing.
call_me_blue 6 päeva tagasi
7:43 the way everyone goes quite after he yells
Adam Bennett
Adam Bennett 6 päeva tagasi
19:44 Schlatt just fucking disappears
salt boy
salt boy 6 päeva tagasi
:( sad now,,
Carson :D
Carson :D 6 päeva tagasi
I really wish it was because of covid, please I still don’t want it to be true...
Irrelevant 6 päeva tagasi
it can be true if we want it to be true.
secret account
secret account 6 päeva tagasi
17:16 schlatt looked so pissed and so uncomfortable an we all know why
mais 6 päeva tagasi
this had so much potential.
Apvxllo 6 päeva tagasi
I miss you guys Except carson.
Cali Weewee
Cali Weewee 6 päeva tagasi
Sometimes I just like to come back and pretend he isn't there but it hurts :/
E Pog
E Pog 6 päeva tagasi
sproutz 6 päeva tagasi
Chicken Bone
Chicken Bone 6 päeva tagasi
I wanna go back to when we thought they broke up because of covid
VanishAway Gaming
VanishAway Gaming 6 päeva tagasi
Sad to think this will probably be the last Lunch Club video over something that was legal and not that bad at all. I hope people will uncancel Carson (Because he did nothing wrong, people just made it sound wrong) and the Lunch Club will post more videos along with carson himself posting videos again.
VanishAway Gaming
VanishAway Gaming 22 tundi tagasi
​@99hobia He didnt, as I said to opomabo: He was sending messages back and forth with a girl 2 years younger than him, and not only did she instigate it she also did not refrain from sending it well knowing he was older than her. And in the state carson is from, and which he most likely was in at the time, the age of consent is actually 17. So I see nothing dont wrong here. Tell me what he have done wrong.
VanishAway Gaming
VanishAway Gaming 22 tundi tagasi
@opomabo What the hell do you mean? He was sending messages back and forth with a girl 2 years younger than him, and not only did she instigate it she also did not refrain from sending it well knowing he was older than her. And in the state carson is from, and which he most likely was in at the time, the age of consent is actually 17. So I see nothing dont wrong here. Tell me what he have done wrong.
99hobia 4 päeva tagasi
@opomabo legit tho.. he admitted it himself that what he did was gross i dont get why ppl r saying he didnt do anything bad :[
opomabo 6 päeva tagasi
Umm, no? Carson did something horrible that he deserves to be cancelled for
McHeights 7 päeva tagasi
Wait where is jschlatt facial hair
Cleon Plays Games
Cleon Plays Games 7 päeva tagasi
a bunch of idiot do idiot things. a perfect channel for a braindead human like me
mifties 6 päeva tagasi
oh boy do i have news for you
rat scooper
rat scooper 7 päeva tagasi
If only we knew
Olivia? 7 päeva tagasi
Monaca 7 päeva tagasi
I miss this so, so much.
Meg Krish
Meg Krish 8 päeva tagasi
I get the feeling Carson is that annoying kid who tags along with your group but you don't tell them off cuz you don't wanna be rude
Boo Dew
Boo Dew 8 päeva tagasi
Who's schlit?
juliana 8 päeva tagasi
Kornelia trololololol
Kornelia trololololol 8 päeva tagasi
i know they broke up ( o7) and the carson stuff happened but this video is very addicting.
ok no
ok no 8 päeva tagasi
I wonder where they went
ok no
ok no 3 päeva tagasi
@Sinister_ Cat248 oh I forgot about that
Sinister_ Cat248
Sinister_ Cat248 3 päeva tagasi
They broke up after the Carson drama
ray t
ray t 8 päeva tagasi
it’s so hard to even re watch these cause of him :/ sad how one person can ruin everything
xBlueWolf 9 päeva tagasi
bruh this hits different
Archie Shearman
Archie Shearman 9 päeva tagasi
you can rlly tell how much schlatt wants to help carson. he rlly cared it’s a shame everything that happened did
Frost_ Explosion
Frost_ Explosion 9 päeva tagasi
This didn’t age well
Frauxd 9 päeva tagasi
It is confirmed that jschalts beard isn’t real
Irrelevant 6 päeva tagasi
Laugheryz 9 päeva tagasi
Schlatt's voice changes every episode
Charlotte Ackerman
Charlotte Ackerman 10 päeva tagasi
I have so much respect for them with the whole Carson shit. may Carson rot.
Alex 10 päeva tagasi
7:15 man...
Rosa Ambler Year 07
Rosa Ambler Year 07 10 päeva tagasi
Why is swaggers so short lol
Lynda Barber
Lynda Barber 11 päeva tagasi
7:46 scared me
aubrey lynn
aubrey lynn 11 päeva tagasi
cheezitz 11 päeva tagasi
im literally just here to see my manz schlatt
MrCarrot 11 päeva tagasi
miss carson:(
Wailaf 11 päeva tagasi
Great vid untill they called IKEA trash
Soviet Deprussian
Soviet Deprussian 11 päeva tagasi
The end of this video is so like Ominous the looks they all give Carson when he walks over for the group picture
Who Dat Boi
Who Dat Boi 12 päeva tagasi
"I'm watching the execution of john F Kennedy" "why?" "I'm not entirely sure"
•Theaxi •
•Theaxi • 12 päeva tagasi
The lunch club is broken up I think Schlatt announced on one of his other channels I think correct if I’m wrong but yea I think these are just old videos that never got posted
DingoDeep 11 päeva tagasi
@•Theaxi • no problem man
•Theaxi •
•Theaxi • 11 päeva tagasi
@DingoDeep oh yea thanks for clarifying that I just don’t want to say something not true
DingoDeep 11 päeva tagasi
Noah and Traves said they broke up
DuckNeedQuacker 12 päeva tagasi
shlatt looks 14 when his beard is shaved
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