Lunch Club: Lost in LA

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Lunch Club

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The Lunch Club boys go to Los Angeles and have a grand old time.
Thanks to Angie: positiveangie

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Ted Nivison:

Yourdad 5 tundi tagasi
pov: you had a bad day
Dampierre Päev tagasi
What a time
Reyna Bess
Reyna Bess 2 päeva tagasi
7:17 For a split second I though Jschlatt had ram horns-
Chloe Ball
Chloe Ball 3 päeva tagasi
3:48 when you know the text on the screen because you taught yourself to write in enchantment table
Izzy Stratton
Izzy Stratton 5 päeva tagasi
I know most of this video didn't age well but 4:55 is... yikes
lola 5 päeva tagasi
reply with random timestamps i guess
VannaFlix 6 päeva tagasi
Schlatt seems like an entirely different person in these videos, its so bizarre
fucsock 8 päeva tagasi
why is no one talking about leek spin ted
Rybug 9 päeva tagasi
i miss slime and carson hanging out. that was always the best
Jack Torres
Jack Torres 10 päeva tagasi
3:44 dude be speaking Minecraft enchantment table
Vedant 5 päeva tagasi
@Jack Torres you are correct in assuming this
Jack Torres
Jack Torres 5 päeva tagasi
@Vedant I do believe it might be nighttime for you now
Vedant 5 päeva tagasi
@Jack Torres I would like to remind you that there are multiple time zones on this planet
Jack Torres
Jack Torres 5 päeva tagasi
@Vedant I also appreciate that you’re not the only one up this late
Vedant 5 päeva tagasi
@Jack Torres I'm glad
Conner Young
Conner Young 10 päeva tagasi
The golden age of EEpost content. Where did it all go wrong😭
schlatt_and_his_cabinet 6 päeva tagasi
When Carson did the thing. When COVID got terrible. When schlatt started to get more and more annoying. When Josh became more childish
coolkid 10 päeva tagasi
I only feel pain
young moon
young moon 12 päeva tagasi
If someone sees this.. What kinda headset does schlatt have on 7:20 in the vid?
schlatt_and_his_cabinet 6 päeva tagasi
@I’m God sheeeesh🥶🥶🥶
I’m God
I’m God 10 päeva tagasi
beats studio 3
Stoned Reaper
Stoned Reaper 12 päeva tagasi
I miss this so much
Aiden Rutherford
Aiden Rutherford 12 päeva tagasi
The triangle shirtwaist factory, the Enumclaw Horse Sex Case, what’s next?
schlatt_and_his_cabinet 12 päeva tagasi
this hurts more now bc of whwt Carson did :(
Bruh 17 päeva tagasi
Footage taken moments before tragedy
MacKenna Lang
MacKenna Lang 18 päeva tagasi
Ted is so funny
Gabriel Morales
Gabriel Morales 19 päeva tagasi
Wow they really just rolled with it (cough they are holding me at gunpoint watch just rollll with it cough cough)
Grace Young
Grace Young 19 päeva tagasi
Várkony Szabó
Várkony Szabó 22 päeva tagasi
dollophead 23 päeva tagasi
its weird that ted looks such like a genuinely british guy but hes so american
Samito 23 päeva tagasi
i want the full clip of ted tickling josh at the end because that radiates so much big and little brother energy
D I N N E R T I M E _ Theories
D I N N E R T I M E _ Theories 24 päeva tagasi
Ok, I know I’ll probably get hate for it (disclaimer I’m not a Carson stan just a man making his way through EEpost) but I don’t get why people call Carson a pedophile, it was like a year different if I remember correctly: two max. But how is that pedophelia? It’s definitely wrong to do it and to also take advantage of your fan base but I don’t think he’s a pedophile; just a dude who led himself down a path of wrong decisions
jade ._.
jade ._. 20 päeva tagasi
thats what i have been saying but it still isnt good what he did :/
Tommy Koehler
Tommy Koehler 25 päeva tagasi
What a nice group of friends, I hope none of them do anything wrong
schlatt_and_his_cabinet 6 päeva tagasi
Luk4z _0
Luk4z _0 25 päeva tagasi
Guys help me, where tf is LA???
Frenchy frI
Frenchy frI 12 päeva tagasi
you tie a ceiling rope and appears a portal, but you can not return
tired all the time
tired all the time 25 päeva tagasi
I can't tell if you're being serious or not so just in case, its in california.
PrestoBesto 25 päeva tagasi
I cant even look at Carson anymore, it just feels weird.
CamoSquid21 26 päeva tagasi
Crazy how different Schlatt looks
Ianifyed 26 päeva tagasi
it’s kinda awkward looking at carson and noah now,
FLx Toxic
FLx Toxic 28 päeva tagasi
3:44 enchanting table language
razzle dazzle
razzle dazzle 28 päeva tagasi
I have one goal in life. And that is to be as gifted in comedic timing as Charlie and Ted
Samuel Miller
Samuel Miller 28 päeva tagasi
I miss them.
John Місяць tagasi
Hey to everyone who is sad that there is no more lunch club, remember that there will be something else, maybe not the same, but similar. I mean we had life before lunch club
schlatt_and_his_cabinet 6 päeva tagasi
Yeah, like chuckle Sandwich and the misfits. Not irl vlogging but still. same people
E.king5897 Місяць tagasi
breathing in all that smog
Jemiu Місяць tagasi
Ted singing levan polkka gives me life✨
Grayson Vogelpohl
Grayson Vogelpohl Місяць tagasi
Charlie and Carson are Caotic Evil
Dylan Lasater
Dylan Lasater Місяць tagasi
8:20 ted looks like Steve jobs
TZane_ Місяць tagasi
Theres everyone and then theres Schlatt.
Josef Bindesboll
Josef Bindesboll Місяць tagasi
3:42 so that's what minecraft enchanting table sounds like.
•Averbow• Місяць tagasi
I will never go on from this. I will watch all of this even when I'm fucking 49.
Onions Місяць tagasi
Is schlatt the one being slapped by a sticky hand??
schlatt_and_his_cabinet 6 päeva tagasi
ShadyShrooms Місяць tagasi
Whenever I see Carson in a video its strange because hes in jail
schlatt_and_his_cabinet 6 päeva tagasi
he’s not in jail. he’s fine. He should be tho
Athas Місяць tagasi
@kut # :l
kut #
kut # Місяць tagasi
Emma Місяць tagasi
Just wanna let everyone know that it is the 110 year anniversary of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire
Crystal Clark
Crystal Clark Місяць tagasi
I'm going to start aggressively crying if the non problematic people (schlatt, Charlie, Ted, traves) don't make another lunch club
Sean W
Sean W 5 päeva tagasi
@Dr. Edison The raccoon oh, that’s umm, that’s nice
Dr. Edison The raccoon
Dr. Edison The raccoon 6 päeva tagasi
@Sean W noah exposed stand etc, cooper did nothing hes too edgy for the twitter cult
schlatt_and_his_cabinet 6 päeva tagasi
@Sean W I don’t really know but pretty sure he’s problematic as fuck. Starts drama and shit. I still like him though.
Sean W
Sean W Місяць tagasi
@Crystal Clark nah I’m on about Noah
Crystal Clark
Crystal Clark Місяць tagasi
@Sean W copper said a TON of slurs and Carson groomed a minor while he was an adult
Charlie Rae
Charlie Rae Місяць tagasi
zTechSupport Місяць tagasi
why does ted look like at any time if his channel looses traffic he would actually become a criminal
Nyla Frye
Nyla Frye Місяць tagasi
Not me rewatching all these videos even after everything thats happening lol
schlatt_and_his_cabinet 6 päeva tagasi
love the pfp
ccaramel the bunny
ccaramel the bunny Місяць tagasi
i miss this
Catgirl_ loser
Catgirl_ loser Місяць tagasi
Hey.. I know it’s not your first time here. It’s hard 2 look back at this, I still cry abt it to this day.
Maddison N
Maddison N Місяць tagasi
Not me watching the entirety of the “Honey” add just to hear Schlatts voice. 😳
Vigilantly Місяць tagasi
It fucking hurts
Stily Місяць tagasi
i really miss these
Isak Urdad
Isak Urdad Місяць tagasi
Glad Charlie Ted and Schlatt got chucklesandwich now they’re my three favorite lol
Dave From accounting
Dave From accounting Місяць tagasi
me too
Copper Candycorn
Copper Candycorn Місяць tagasi
Ted's Carl Wheezer impression has no right to be as good as it is 😭
Axtlei Місяць tagasi
this is like watching old wedding tapes after a divorce :(
Ayden Stanley
Ayden Stanley Місяць tagasi
All hail, King of the losers
Lois Wilkinson
Lois Wilkinson Місяць tagasi
13:31 When the nerds try to be cool in stereotypical high school
Zygimantas Skiezgilas
Zygimantas Skiezgilas Місяць tagasi
Slimecicle spanks em
Layla commitsarson
Layla commitsarson Місяць tagasi
Clowny frowny
Clowny frowny Місяць tagasi
I have to go to sleep but I’m staying up watching this Beautiful mater piece
Wyatt Tredway
Wyatt Tredway Місяць tagasi
😔it's sad that we won't be able to see them like this again because of carson
ellie Місяць tagasi
Georgia White
Georgia White Місяць tagasi
i miss this so much
Dr. Edison The raccoon
Dr. Edison The raccoon Місяць tagasi
Im just vibing with fruity loops
SunshineUnicornfart Місяць tagasi
i learned of the triangle shirtwaist factory in class and it was a very fascinating tragedy. i would of loved too go ghost hunting there from how many people died in a day due too falling and getting burned alive when the factory caught fire and how very little many people made it out on time and not dead.... very sad yes. let's just say this story is a story like many others who made fire escapes important. the girls where escorted too and from there sleeping quarters and working stations. there was a door in the room that is locked from the outside and the guards had the keys too the room. they where on one of the top floors and the factory caught fire. they where not able too exit the room because the doors where locked like i said and the guards left them behind. the women who went down the fire exit fell sadly too their deaths because the fire exit was not able too hold their weight. others went too the roof and fell too their death because they did not want too be burned alive. others got burned alive. there was an elevator though. but there was enough room for so many....... the elevator was only able too make one trip down..... because by the time it got too the top no soul alive was able too be saved. you guys should look more into it because it is very fascinating too read and learn from it.
Blacked out Boar
Blacked out Boar Місяць tagasi
Why is carson's neck so thick?
soup man
soup man Місяць tagasi
I guess he really was the king of the losers.
little stinker
little stinker Місяць tagasi
10:55 why are a bunch of grown men listening to lesbian music
atlas Місяць tagasi
there was so much potential. im gonna miss them.
Vibzz The Goat
Vibzz The Goat Місяць tagasi
Carson seems very funny he should start a EEpost career
ghost innit
ghost innit Місяць tagasi
Madys Gone
Madys Gone Місяць tagasi
Pov: Schlatt is and “Emo” 14 yo boy in this
erwin isme
erwin isme 2 місяці tagasi
bro the video feels like an ocean eleven movie but they're just fucking around and not stealing stuff.
Maddy Macioce
Maddy Macioce 2 місяці tagasi
This hurts to watch but I can’t let go just yet :[
ranbq1o 2 місяці tagasi
i honestly cant look at Carson anymore
Clark Smith
Clark Smith 2 місяці tagasi
4:40 I just learned about that in school
Natalie MacGregor
Natalie MacGregor 2 місяці tagasi
Yourdad 2 місяці tagasi
Here for Ted, Schlatt and Charlie because I need comfort
LinuxWasHere 2 місяці tagasi
I REALLY want my future house to look just like this one.
Poginatorr Twitch
Poginatorr Twitch 2 місяці tagasi
Ted = funnyyy
Joe Herrick
Joe Herrick 2 місяці tagasi
Guys she was 17 he was 19 how’s that even weird?
Joe Herrick
Joe Herrick Місяць tagasi
@Leyla Harden yeah I understand now
Leyla Harden
Leyla Harden Місяць tagasi
It's not the age gap that people are worried about. There's nothing wrong with the age gap because it's protected by The Romeo and Juliet law. Even if there wasn't that law, I feel like 17 and 19 still wouldn't be bad because it's only a 2 year difference. The problem is that as a content creater with a good amount of subscribers and followers on nearly every platform, he abused his power to get with these girls and used manipulation. There was also multiple girls that he did this to, not just the one girl who came out with the allegations. There was also allegedly cp that was found in his phone when the police took him in for questioning about the situation after Charlie reported him.
Shoto Todoroki
Shoto Todoroki Місяць tagasi
Well it’s cp no matter what the age gap is
Joe Herrick
Joe Herrick 2 місяці tagasi
@Kennedy Bothe your right
Ed Power
Ed Power 2 місяці tagasi
@Kennedy Bothe yeah I hope he gets the help he needs because he does need it
dilf 2 місяці tagasi
So, is anyone else back for memories
Pearl Pride
Pearl Pride 2 місяці tagasi
7:52 just a time stamp for me- for science
Galaxy Music Customs
Galaxy Music Customs 2 місяці tagasi
why does the camera man feel so like a main character to me? besides my only favorite camera man being clancy from re7
val :]
val :] 2 місяці tagasi
all i feel is pain.
yan 2 місяці tagasi
B 2 місяці tagasi
I wanna have a group of friends like this when COVID is over and shit and we just go around town like to the mall and stuff and just have fun but we can’t drive.. and I have no friends
Grim Creeper
Grim Creeper 2 місяці tagasi
Good to see the boys got a night on the town.
Grim Creeper
Grim Creeper 2 місяці tagasi
This channel is great. It's literally just a bunch of personalities mingling to create a comedic chaos.
Jay 2 місяці tagasi
Its sad that i still seek joy in watching them. But they are not here anymore
gosbur 2 місяці tagasi
this group had so much potential..
luca p
luca p 2 місяці tagasi
i miss them
FrankFr0nk _
FrankFr0nk _ 2 місяці tagasi
So angry Schlatt didn’t do the fucking smile
i got banned of psn lol
i got banned of psn lol 2 місяці tagasi
I still fucking love carson
schlatt_and_his_cabinet 6 päeva tagasi
i still kinda love his content but it makes me so uncomfortable. I feel betrayed
ghost innit
ghost innit Місяць tagasi
Smil3ybear 2 місяці tagasi
Miss this
Appricott Cobbler
Appricott Cobbler 2 місяці tagasi
missed but it's for the better
Irrelevant 2 місяці tagasi
me too.
UncreativeWeeb 2 місяці tagasi
This is when it happened
ilikefrogs 2 місяці tagasi
hey guys, its me again.
Mini_Moon 9599
Mini_Moon 9599 2 місяці tagasi
3:43 (galactic alphabet translation) 1st Line: Heashcpkgmeipqajc 2nd Line: yahkcpjamlw 3rd line: ppokdlfmqlkkdjf 4th Line: reibidumdodqa 5th line(just repeats 1st line)
nyxLa1_ 2 місяці tagasi
Fun Fact at 3:4 ish Thats galactic alphabet and the first couple of letters are heashcp
ÆNUS 2 місяці tagasi
this made me have a mental breakdown
zoe mckean
zoe mckean 2 місяці tagasi
the good thing about me is that i never watched carson before so i can’t feel the “pain” when i look at him. i can just simply watch these videos #weirdflex
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