Lunch Club Goes Shopping
18 päeva tagasi
Lunch Club: Lost in LA
5 місяців tagasi
Diagnosing Fake Illnesses w/ Lunch Club
we accepted Carson's Zoo Challenge...
You Laugh You Leave w/ Lunch Club
8 місяців tagasi
Minecraft Crafting Recipes in Real Life
We tried to rob youtubers...
9 місяців tagasi
Who is Lunch Club?
10 місяців tagasi
Welcome to Lunch Club
10 місяців tagasi
Brendan Owens
Brendan Owens 4 minutit tagasi
the ending is a 10/10
babey_rat_gremlinnnx 12 minutit tagasi
Alternatively titled, Ted and his two bitch boys make a mess for 14 minutes
Taco Bell
Taco Bell 22 minutit tagasi
Fxrmula69 46 minutit tagasi
6:31 missed opportunity for Ted to say “can I have it?”
Matthew Goodger
Matthew Goodger Tund tagasi
6:00 you just said you like k pop
Shep Tund tagasi
Wait is it just me or is the beginning different ?
Shep Tund tagasi
And wasn’t the bit where Ted says to stop feeding his cat longer ¿b)?
Nathan Helm
Nathan Helm 2 tundi tagasi
What’s the outro song?
Leycree 4 tundi tagasi
anna kay bell
anna kay bell 5 tundi tagasi
Bruce Cook
Bruce Cook 5 tundi tagasi
So strange seeing people in public areas without masks
Ben Driscoll
Ben Driscoll 5 tundi tagasi
Carson has got as much drip as the River Nile. Everyone else has as much drip as the rest of Africa.
Mosswoof 6 tundi tagasi
Upon my 20th watch of this video I still marvel at how intimidating ted is
Jake The beaver
Jake The beaver 7 tundi tagasi
The trick to winning is to just sleep.
Shax Santos
Shax Santos 9 tundi tagasi
Ted looks like young Robert Downey Jr. and it doesn’t upset me one bit
Usagi Tsukino
Usagi Tsukino 9 tundi tagasi
October 2019
ScaredMouse 11 tundi tagasi
ted = certified worm.
Ninjawizard 1367
Ninjawizard 1367 11 tundi tagasi
They don’t call em lunch club for nothin
Dax Cruz
Dax Cruz 12 tundi tagasi
6:12 Is...that...a C9 logo on Carson? :V
s8wc3 12 tundi tagasi
if you ever wanted to know just how tall ted is, just stand next to your fridge and compare
beats and more beats
beats and more beats 12 tundi tagasi
This is just comedy
Walm does Parkour
Walm does Parkour 13 tundi tagasi
Slimecicle went from trying to help the patients to traumatizing the last one and it’s hilarious
Stef fi
Stef fi 13 tundi tagasi
Just realised this is where sapnap started singing Scooby doo. He watched the intro of Lunch Club lol
Ripper 14 tundi tagasi
3:35 Charlie has the voice of an angel I swear
Arclayic 17 tundi tagasi
10:31 “Now on the count of three we’re all gonna put down our guns”
Sidney 17 tundi tagasi
3:00 “ I killed a beef with my diamond cow” Truly poetic
AceIn1 18 tundi tagasi
leak swaggers hair 1:00
Ahmed Basalama
Ahmed Basalama 18 tundi tagasi
Getshrekt69 19 tundi tagasi
this is the birth of shlagg
mariodatboi 19 tundi tagasi
What is the song used in the outro?
gabbi donohue
gabbi donohue 19 tundi tagasi
carson rly has no drip
JuicyQB 20 tundi tagasi
6:21 laughed
Nathan Helm
Nathan Helm 20 tundi tagasi
Ted has only one expression on its face and it’s brainless empty smiling, “That’s the egg shells!”😂😂
SUZANNE COLLINS 20 tundi tagasi
the casual ankle roll
Lance’s useless channel
Lance’s useless channel 20 tundi tagasi
James Caling
James Caling 22 tundi tagasi
lunch club is a bunch of white dudes pretending to be in a tiktok house
Gracially Feliciano
Gracially Feliciano 22 tundi tagasi
I like how in the last frame, the camera is focused on everything but ted
Aaron Marcengill
Aaron Marcengill 22 tundi tagasi
I had no idea slimescicles name is charlie
FredUnderYourBed 22 tundi tagasi
These are cocoa beans. these are cocoa beans. these are cocoa beans. I think these are cocoa beans. they might be cocoa beans. Are they cocoa beans? I think they’re cocoa beans.
bread boy
bread boy 23 tundi tagasi
4:29 why is schlatt blue
Cupidxcore 23 tundi tagasi
19:17 go white boy go
Cloudy Sky Trash
Cloudy Sky Trash 23 tundi tagasi
Me: *Watching this vid and sees disorders that are a real thing* 👁👄👁
SlimyTrex Yeet
SlimyTrex Yeet 23 tundi tagasi
Carson falls so elegantly
TwistedRat _
TwistedRat _ 23 tundi tagasi
The castle crashers music 🥺
Charlie Bacon
Charlie Bacon Päev tagasi
I like how the recipe for cake is literally just pancakes. Ted made pancake cupcakes.
Lightning in A bottle
Lightning in A bottle Päev tagasi
Pablo Cabral
Pablo Cabral Päev tagasi
i fucking died at 7:00
「 ᴛᴀᴅxꜱʜɪ 」
「 ᴛᴀᴅxꜱʜɪ 」 Päev tagasi
1:04 me being an australian : 😃 Also me : Its schlatt, I'll accept it
Sith_Seth Päev tagasi
"try not to get robbed challenge, you lose!"
Kronk Päev tagasi
8:23 ted lookin like Steve jobs
Lucas Arnold
Lucas Arnold Päev tagasi
look at top right at 1:37 someone's there
A Person Who Exists Productions
A Person Who Exists Productions Päev tagasi
Cooper looks like a budget Logan Paul.
notgrape Päev tagasi
That Cone
That Cone Päev tagasi
Yoooo me and Carson have the same shoes poggers
Anastasius Päev tagasi
Traves doing gods work and stealing Fed’s shit
Unique Marble
Unique Marble Päev tagasi
What is the music at 9:04
ishoY Päev tagasi
gay chsttla
This channel will be used for drawing
This channel will be used for drawing Päev tagasi
schlatt is so quiet it feels weird..
ic0nyx Päev tagasi
"so what seems to be your proble-" "𝔸𝕌𝕌𝕌ℝℝℝ" "name?" "𝑅𝒪𝒜𝒰𝒢𝐻𝐻𝐻" "occupation?" "h̶̛̀m̵͆̐g̵̈̍g̶̏̈m̶̽͑m̴̽̓ǧ̷̔m̴̓̿"
heh water is bad for you
heh water is bad for you Päev tagasi
schlatt does honestly look good already lol
Loften Nine
Loften Nine Päev tagasi
This is an abominations
someone on earth.
someone on earth. Päev tagasi
I like how they were messing around but when they got to OTV they tazed Micheal, shot scarra with 2 nerf guns, stole from poki, and then The Mob just got fked so yeah..
Amy Hagen
Amy Hagen Päev tagasi
The car was a paid actor how did you not see that
Bluezay31 Cervantes
Bluezay31 Cervantes Päev tagasi
1:24 soooo we are just gonna ignore the fact that Charlie just died
Ocean TheHybrid
Ocean TheHybrid Päev tagasi
Nobody: Schlatt: *Car starting noises* 6:01
nah fool
nah fool Päev tagasi
why are so many people whining about charlie it's a minecraft game
Ocean TheHybrid
Ocean TheHybrid Päev tagasi
Schlatt just staring at the things closest to goats like *Fuck*
Isilduur Päev tagasi
8:49 = gayschlatt
Ocean TheHybrid
Ocean TheHybrid Päev tagasi
*What is lunch club?* Almost everyone: It’s a club of d u d e s Jschlatt: *BUSINESS BABY*
nah fool
nah fool Päev tagasi
Carson - 8:33 Ted - 11:56 Schlatt - 12:13
Ocean TheHybrid
Ocean TheHybrid Päev tagasi
How many times has Schlatt stood before a microphone- 1. The talent thing 2. The DreamSMP 3. This
Ocean TheHybrid
Ocean TheHybrid Päev tagasi
Not even 30 seconds in: “Let’s see what’s wrong with you today” “Well.. uh” *”What’s wrong with you? Tell me.”* “I’m *gay.”*
Lucky One
Lucky One Päev tagasi
10:11 Low key thought he said Cocaine
PumaPlaysMineCraft Päev tagasi
12:46 i feel that travis i dont own them either
Gwa Gwa
Gwa Gwa Päev tagasi
I want fifteen of the poison potions
Jack Fecht
Jack Fecht Päev tagasi
I really don’t think Charlie’s bit was any good. Personally he just made the stream gruelling. Like the first few times haha but then it was just boring
Pandora PlayZ
Pandora PlayZ Päev tagasi
8:50 The moment y'all have been waiting for.
svu 11
svu 11 Päev tagasi
They are all saying that its understandable And have a great day
Pandora PlayZ
Pandora PlayZ Päev tagasi
Video: *starts* Me: Ohhhhhhhhh shit. I can already tell how this is gonna go.
TheGhostReckon Päev tagasi
10:23 the best reflection pun ever
Bluezay31 Cervantes
Bluezay31 Cervantes Päev tagasi
I’m glad I found this all of this is gold